Christian management and leadership

These enable him to have the following vital metrics with which he can compare progress and steer the project. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

They want purposes and principles that lift them, ennoble them, inspire them, empower them, and encourage them to their best selves. As the biblical view of the person clashes with that of contemporary management thought, we need to understand what the Bible has to say about man, as created by God, in order to grasp the concepts related to Christian management thought.

Others argue that leadership is a subset of management.


The nature of the job to be done in terms of specifications and procedures. Having followers does not make you a leader, it only defines a type of leadership. His leadership started the moment He left heaven with the vision of giving His own life for our sins.

Project Management – 7 tips for Christian Leaders

Responding to and sometimes pre-empting situations, he makes the necessary alterations to the trim of the boat and its course. It incorporates long-term direction-giving decisions and actions as well as short-term daily operational activities.

Conditions in factories were grim. They can be easily confused, which is important for larger, more costly projects or when there may be several options available.

BS in Christian Leadership and Management

Frequent reference is made in management literature to the differences between "management" and "leadership" in an attempt to stress that management is 'the taking care of' and leadership is 'the giving direction to'.

For obvious reasons this is another great stress reduction strategy. However, management is usually perceived in the context of the organization, which itself is a fairly new occurrence - an outgrowth of the industrial revolution.

B.S. in Christian Leadership & Management

People want to contribute to the accomplishment of worthwhile objectives. Selfishness destroys the image of God in man. That is a fact of life, a stressful one at that. He, as a steward, has an integral part to play in God's cause in this world.

Before addressing this question, let us first view management from a biblical perspective. No mention is made, or consideration given regarding the possibility of divine intervention, or consultation with God.

It is believed that the machines and methods have a strong influence on the social system and that the task of the manager is to ensure harmony between the social and technical systems. This is the only true and acceptable Christian leadership style. The words are adapted so that you can pray it for yourself.

Conflicts of interests will always occur. Christian leadership is not about recognition, it is about action. The challenge is to reflect the Christian faith in managing people and resources.

The operational approach is an attempt to combine elements of all of the above-mentioned approaches, taking what is applicable, discarding, that which is not, and developing an approach to management that indicates the complexity and variedness of what is expected of the manager.

Nevertheless, it still makes you a leader. Christian leadership should place all their lives in subordination to their goals. If not then the project is under or over spending. This could be easily accommodated at a cost. The techniques, the quantitative tools, the computer models that are applied to the resources with exception of human resources can facilitate the efficiency drive toward objectives, but management techniques which attempt to make efficient use of the 'human resource' is likely to fail.

One of the secrets of excellent project management is identifying things that could go wrong and preparing for them before they do go wrong.

Looking at the following biblical leaders, we can learn more about leadership. God provides the vision, the strategy and the resources.

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And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness. The 'manager' has become a co-worker with God, and at the same time his attitude toward 'his workers' has changed as they are partners and fellow coworkers with God. Some of the best leaders today are still not being recognized.

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Christian leadership is the art of being a good steward of the people who God has entrusted to us. Developing leadership skills is developing the. Organizational Management and Leadership: A Christian Perspective [Anita Satterlee] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

1 OVERSIZE SPIRAL-BOUND SOFTCOVER BOOKReviews: 6. The paper focuses on Christian leadership which by definition means a process of leading people towards God.

Christian Management and Leadership

This is not an easy task because everyone has his own pace in order to be led to God. A Christian View of Management in Ephesians April 29, by mattperman 10 Comments One thing I’ve noticed about most Christian teaching on work is that it is pretty thin.

Christian management and leadership
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