Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus

It attempts to determine whether student writers from a shared cultural background Turkish tend to use similar rhetorical features to those of their mother tongue or harmonise themselves with the language English in which they are writing. This model owes a great deal to Thompson and Thetelas conceptionbut it takes a wider focus by including stance and engagement markers.

English for Specific Purposes, 27, — In other words, metadiscourse refers to the thinking and writing process of a writer through signal words in text which inform readers on the development of thought as well as text.

Results of chi-square tests of English and Iranian writers use of endophoric markers in English and Persian, respectively value df p X A Dictionary of Sociolinguistics.

The present paper focused on interactional metadiscourse markers in the result and discussion section of academic research articles across four disciplines, namely, English Language Teaching, Civil Engineering, Biology, and Economics.

Perspectives for language teaching. All frequency information is standardized using z scores. In addition, this study play a significant role in optimizing the quality of teacher talk and master of Corpus research methods, embodied in the new research perspective and training for the implementation of the development of foreign language teachers training.

The sound of one hand clapping: Also, it is provided the devices which writers use to organize their text, show their attitudes towards the text and their audience. What is the specific content. Hedging in scientific research articles.

Metadiscourse; interactional metadiscourse markers; genre; academic research articles Full Text: Results of chi-square tests of English and Iranian writers use of code glosses in English and Persian, respectively value df p X 9.

It has been found that English-based sociological scholars tend to use more interactive metadiscourse features in their RAs than their Persian peers. Table 7 shows the summary of the results of this chi-square.

Journal of Language Teaching and Research

As explained previously, these devices are used to obviate any alternative viewpoints on the part of the audience and emphasize the mutual experiences needed to draw the same conclusion as the writer. This means that male writers were more quite certain and confident about what they claimed than female writers see Figure 5.

The result of metadiscourse categories showed high-frequency, middle-frequency, and low-frequency categories cluster together respectively. In this regard, academic writing has recently drawn the interest of numerous researchers, with research on this field devoting much of its attention to the genre of the research article henceforth RA.

Interpersonal metadiscourse: an indicator of interaction and identity

The metadiscourse usually called \Metadiscourse is not just a linguistic phenomenon, but also a rhetorical means of Pragmatics, in particular, often appear in academic spoken discourse and academic. Academic writing has been recently defined as a social activity in disciplinary communities and cultures.

As a result, there has been an increasing interest in the study of self as author, focusing on the way writers represent themselves in texts and how writers interact with readers. By discussing interpersonal issues, e.g. attitude, appraisal, evaluation, stance and so on, as metadiscourse elements, they accelerated the notion of subjectivity in academic discourse.

The interpersonal model of metadiscourse comprises two main types: the interactive and the interactional. examination of either discourse or metadiscourse functions in academic speech and their comparison across disciplinary variations.

The analysis is based on a corpus of 20 research articles from sociological discipline; 10 from English-written articles published in international journals, and 10 from Persian-written articles published in national journals.

Keywords: Interactive metadiscourse, Academic writing, Research articles, Contrastive rhetoric, Genre writing. The 22 PhD theses on metadiscourse on Google Scholar reflect these same concerns of academic writing and comparisons between native and non-native texts.

Table 4. Most frequent 30 words in the titles of the metadiscourse work in Google Scholar.

Metadiscourse and contrastive rhetoric in academic writing evaluation of a small academic corpus
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