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Those victories occurred in sparsely populated areas, and it was unclear whether the militias had either the strength or the will to push into Surt, which is thought to be heavily fortified and also harbour several thousand foreign fighters. Given the reasons, these Ulema and Mashaikh proved a strong source of greater strength and sacrifice for the Muslim League, who devoted themselves to the cause of Pakistan Movement for freedom.

The Muslim electorates were also handicapped economically. He rendered an all out support to the cause of Pakistan. Addressing "Ulema Mashaikh Convention" they said that Ulema and religious leadership in Pakistan should wage united efforts to eliminate extremist thinking and radical mindset which was problematic for the entire world and Pakistan.

With the beginning of the struggle for location of the country, the concept of separate Muslim nationhood started fascinating the Muslims on account of the deep-rooted prejudices of Hindus and growing differences.

At the end of the war the Indian Muslim had to launch to Khilafat Movement. The league wanted a separate nation for India's Muslims because it feared that an independent India would be dominated by Hindus. He and other noted Ulema and Mashaikh had a great number of followers spread over the sub-continent, who put their hearts in speeding up movement of separate homeland for the Muslims of the united India.

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And in that type of government what would be the status of the Muslims. For several decades the league and its leaders, notably Mohammed Ali Jinnahcalled for Hindu-Muslim unity in a united and independent India. The period of Kilafat Movement was also an era of Hindu-Muslim unity though it was short-lived.

He exhorter the Muslims to vote for the League which was struggling hard to carve out an independent sovereign Muslim state on the global map. They also portrayed a picture of the coming events and destiny of the Muslim community in a united India dominated by the caste-ridden and prejudiced Hindu majority.

Discuss the role played by women in the national freedom movement as seen in A Grain of a Wheat. Two separate militia forces have fought their way toward the city in recent days, attacking from both the east and the west, in apparently uncoordinated attacks that have reduced the length of Libyan coastline controlled by the Islamic State to miles from about miles.

It was Islam which set example centuries ago by sheltering the Spanish Jews when Spain threw them out. The descendants of Hazrat Mujaddid Alf-i-Sani played a significant role in promotion the cause of Pakistan movement in Sindh.

In those days, the Punjab was a bastion of the Unionist Party of feudal lords who had a firm grip over the provincial politics.

The Muslims were mentally occupied with future possibilities. The anti-Congress faction of the Ulama disassociated itself from the Jamiat and remained aloof from the Congress movement.

He added that the Muslim were passing through a very critical period of their existence; therefore, they should be prepared to undergo every kind of hardship they would have to confront.

Present Crisis of the Muslim Ummah

The issue became controversial; eventually the Jamiatul Ulama-i-Hind was split into two faction. It is like murder of truth. Wehrey, of the two groups. Vice President Pakistan Ulema Council Punjab Maulana Nauman Hashir said that PUC was making efforts for the rights of non-Muslims in Pakistan adding that Constitution of Pakistan has categorically defined rights for Non-Muslims living in Pakistan and every section of society should function as per their constitutional parameters.

In the beginning, he was against the stand of Muslims League; but it is said that he was guided in a vision to support the cause of Pakistan. The assault on Surt could further isolate Gen.

Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi addressing the convention urged Ulema and Mashaikh to come forward to educate youths of the country against extremist ideologies. They became supporters of the Two-Nation Theory. May Allah give us taufeeq to accept the truth and be free from Group Mentality.

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PM Imran Khan to address Nation today He said that India was among those major countries providing arms and ammunition to Daesh and warlords of Daesh attacking at all those countries which are anti Bashar-ul-Asad and supporting people of Syria.

The British then decided on partition and on August 15,transferred power dividedly to India and Pakistan. He embraced Islam at an early age; after that he became a staunch Muslim and worked for the welfare of the Indian Muslims.

Their happiness and sadness on that day was the proof that their hearts were filled with the love of each other for the sake of Allah SWT and that the love of Allah SWT had penetrated their hearts.

But unfortunately, it did not happen in case of Pakistan which had to suffer for long due to war in neighbouring Afghanistan, which had cast negative impacts on the the ideology and thought of its people towards the state.

We were from various localities and then from amongst those youth one of them stood up and spoke in an amazing manner which penetrated the hearts. In this wonderful consultation convention, spiritual personalities and religious leaders also agreed that the realm of the monastery system according to which monastery used to be center of every knowledge, should be resurrected.

Hostile agencies using violent extremism as weapon against Pakistan, say religious scholars

He also condemned the last terror act in Turkey. After the War of and termination of the Muslim rule, some of the Ulama had established educational institutions for religious teaching in order to enable the younger generations to protect the cause of the faith and solve day to day problems of life in the light of the Quran and Sunnah.

New Movements Of Extremism In South Asia And Role Of Sufi Ulama – Analysis

The separate homeland that is now named 'Pakistan' was obviously a direct outcome of insurmountable struggle and a raft of sacrifices by audacious Muslims of sub-continent from all walks of life.

In that clash of narratives, he said, a number of Ulema, including Maulana Hassan Jan and Maulana Sarfraz Naeemi, had also to sacrifice their lives. Muhammad Hanif Shahid, op. The provincial politics were not immune from it. The Role of Ulema and Mashaikh in the Pa ki stan Movement: T h e U l e m a a n d M a s h a i k h o f t h e I n d o - P a k s u b - c o n t i n e n t p l a ye Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The Ulema and Mashaikh of the Indo-Pak subcontinent played an active role in promoting the Pakistan Movement - Role of Ulema and Mashaikh in Freedom Movement Essay introduction. The Ulema’s tradition of the participation in the politics is very old.

“These countries also want to undermine China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC),” said Gen Janjua while briefing a meeting of the National Ulema Mashaikh Council presided over by Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Mohammad Yousaf.

The Role of Ulama and Mashaikh in the Pakistan Movement A. Sattar Khan A Large Number of celebrated personalities appear on the mental horizon for the role played by.

This year, over scholars, Ulema and Mashaikh participated in the conference including from 42nd International Seerah Conference concludes PESHAWAR -- KP Finance Minister Muzaffar Said Advocate said that the present provincial government side by side with the general masses acknowledged the religious and reformative role of Ulema in the society whereas candid steps were been taken to.

He said Ulema and Mashaikh would organize peaceful processions at the district level for ensuring peaceful passing and culmination of Muharram-ul-Haram, especially Youm-e-Ashur and Chehlum processions of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).

Senate constitute Ulema, Mashaikh Council to control sectarianism

He said Ulema were playing an exemplary role in .

Role of ulema and mashaikh in
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