Safeguarding abuse and vulnerable adults

However, this does not mean that we should do nothing when we learn of a concern. They may be unkind to you, ignore you or your wishes and not give you any choices. However, some people will deliberately abuse adults they see as an easy target.

This may make them vulnerable to abuse.

Protecting vulnerable adults from harm

Anyone working for Ofsted who has concerns about the behaviour of a colleague must always raise this with their line manager or the Head of HR as quickly as possible. What should I do if I want to become a volunteer. Abuse is when someone does something which is wrong that hurts you, makes you feel frightened or unhappy.

The main purpose of the reviews is to learn lessons about when our systems need to improve to protect children better in future. Involve people taking money without permission. It can be found on our Engaging Hampshire Communities page. Learning and improving We are determined to keep improving our knowledge and understanding of how best to protect children and vulnerable adults.

More Resources Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. Mental Capacity Act The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made.

Traffickers and slave masters use whatever means they have at their disposal to bully, deceive and force individuals into a life of abuse, servitude and cruel treatment self-neglect — this is when someone neglects to care for their own personal hygiene, health or surroundings and includes behaviour such as hoarding.

The person who is responsible for the abuse is very often well known to the person being abused, for example, a paid carer or volunteer, health or social worker, relative or friend. Definitions Safeguarding children is defined in Working together to safeguard children as: Our new app is now available Report Abuse The well-being and safety of local people is our main concern and we adopt a zero tolerance stance on the abuse, neglect or discrimination of any person but particularly people at risk or in vulnerable situations in whatever setting.

Abuse can be one of the following or a combination: Opening Options Different options to open legislation in order to view more content on screen at once Explanatory Notes Text created by the government department responsible for the subject matter of the Act to explain what the Act sets out to achieve and to make the Act accessible to readers who are not legally qualified.

Any suspicion of abuse or neglect should be reported either to the Hampshire Adult Services on or the police on They may not have had the correct training or use the right equipment to look after you modern slavery — this includes slavery, human trafficking, forced labour and domestic slavery.

Safeguarding training Ofsted is committed to ensuring that everyone who works for us understands their safeguarding responsibilities and keeps their knowledge up to date.

We will also promote a culture in which we are able to highlight and review near misses to learn and improve our practice. The original version of the legislation as it stood when it was enacted or made. Your concerns will be looked into fully and fairly. You will be listened to and your concerns will be taken seriously.

If you think there is no immediate danger you must report the allegation to the Safeguarding Co-ordinator on or immediately. This includes ensuring that the providers we regulate and inspect have effective procedures for keeping children and vulnerable adults safe from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Ofsted safeguarding policy

1. Purpose. This policy sets out Ofsted’s approach to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. It applies to all aspects of our work and to everyone working for. Changes to legislation: Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 29 September 1 Foreword With the establishment of the Social Care Division, which provides services for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities, a consistent approach is required to ensure vulnerable adults are.

Safeguarding adults means working together to stop abuse and prevent it happening in the future. Everyone has a right to live a life that is free from abuse and neglect. What is Safeguarding. Every human being has a value and dignity which we as Catholics acknowledge as coming directly from God's creation of female and male in his own image and likeness.

The Office of the Public Guardian's policy on protecting adults at risk of abuse or neglect.

Safeguarding abuse and vulnerable adults
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