Temperature and thermometers

Whatever it is that temperature is a measure of, it is reflected by the reading on Temperature and thermometers thermometer. If your child has other signs, such as a cold, cough or diarrhea, you might call your child's doctor sooner based on their severity.


A measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample of matter, expressed in terms of units or degrees designated on a standard scale. Now we can take the glass out of the bowl, clean it and measure the length of the glass from rim to bottom on the inside.

When reporting a temperature to your child's doctor, give the reading and explain how the temperature was taken.


With these two markings placed upon the thermometer, equally spaced divisions can be placed between them to represent the 1-degree marks. Turn on the digital thermometer.

Temperature and Thermometers

Temperature Scales The thermometer calibration process described above results in what is known as a centigrade thermometer. Each temperature scale is useful for diffferent things. So we will resign to a definition similar to the fifth one that is listed - temperature can be defined as the reading on a thermometer.

Be aware that some combination over-the-counter medications might contain acetaminophen as an ingredient. But we will likely all agree that we possess built-in thermometers for making qualitative judgments about relative temperatures.

These markings must be accurately placed and the accuracy of their placement can only be judged when comparing it to another object that is precisely known to have a certain length.

You will notice that the oil has risen up inside the glass as the remaining trapped air cooled and contracted. When choosing a thermometer, consider these options: Is there something happening at the particle level which is related to the observations made at the macroscopic level.

What are lab thermometers?

Or, if you prefer:. With these two markings placed upon the thermometer, equally spaced divisions can be placed between them to represent the 1-degree marks. For certain, we are comfortable with the first two definitions - the degree or measure of how hot or cold an object is.

Calibration would still be possible as long as there was some form of relationship that was mathematically predictable.

Conversions between Celsius temperatures and Kelvin temperatures and vice versa can be performed using one of the two equations below. But what exactly is temperature a reflection of.

Older thermometers of this type used liquid mercury. This measurement will effectively give us the volume of the air trapped in the hot glass when it was in the oven. It is the lowest temperature that can be achieved. The Kelvin temperature scale is similar to the Celsius temperature scale in the sense that there are equal degree increments between the normal freezing point and the normal boiling point of water.

You could try taking the hot bowl out of the oven with oven mits but as it is filled with hot oil, I would not recommend doing so.

Rates of Heat Transfer We all have a feel for what temperature is. The units of the Celsius and Fahrenheit scales are called degrees; the units of the Kelvin scale are called kelvins. If you wish to find out what the temperature is inside your oven, either because it has no gauge or you suspect the gauge may be inaccurate then this may be of help.

After things have reached thermal equilibrium in the oven, turn it off and wait for things to cool back down to room temperature. The concept of an absolute zero temperature is quite interesting and the observation of remarkable physical properties for samples of matter approaching absolute zero makes one ponder the topic more deeply.

The weather outside is chilly or steamy. Keep in mind that earwax or a small, curved ear canal can interfere with the accuracy of an ear thermometer temperature.

Gently place the thermometer in your child's ear. Since, in our case V 1 is the volume of hot air inside the glass when in the oven at the temperature we wish to calculate, Tand is proportional to L.

When choosing a thermometer, consider these options: Thomson referred to this minimum lowest temperature as absolute zero and argued that a temperature scale be adopted that had absolute zero as the lowest value on the scale.

Each temperature scale is useful for diffferent things. Sign up now Thermometer basics: They can be used in the rectum rectalmouth oral or armpit axillary. The linear relationship allows a scientist to use just two standards in the calibration method.


When things are cool and it is safe to remove the bowl, do so carefully. Traditionally slow to adopt the metric system and other accepted units of measurements, the United States more commonly uses the Fahrenheit temperature scale. If your child has been eating or drinking, wait 15 minutes to take his or her temperature by mouth.

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Temperature and Thermometers

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Temperature and thermometers
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